Experience. Integrity. Advocacy.
Experience. Integrity. Advocacy.

Hospital Owned Physician Practices

Optimize your revenue with medical billing services tailored to meet the needs of your hospital-owned physician practice.

Since 1982, CIPROMS has worked with medical practices at each stage of the revenue cycle—from enrolling providers with commercial and government insurance plans to collecting patient balances through phone calls and statements.

Our team supports and enhances your staff, working with everyone from CFOs to clinical staff, to increase your revenue, improve cash flow, reduce costs, and minimize the administrative aggravations associated with ever-changing rules and regulations of professional billing. We can use our state-of-the-art billing software, or yours, and our HIPAA-compliant off-site backup system gives you the assurance you need.

Getting Started.

When you hire CIPROMS to do your medical billing, we use a cross-department deployment strategy to ensure a smooth transition for you, your physicians, and your patients. We do all the paperwork to enroll your providers in the government and commercial plans of your choice. Worried about revalidations, address or banking updates, new providers, and licensing renewals? We handle those, too, with tracking software, gentle reminders, and completed forms ready for your signature.

Streamlined Billing Cycle.

  • Demographic interfaces, certified coding, and efficient data entry teams allow your charges to be entered within 48 hours after we receive them. Claims are generated the next day.
  • Patients identified as having Medicaid, as well as all self-pay patients, are verified for Medicaid eligibility, and insurance files are updated when changes occur.
  • Claims scrubbing technology allows us to submit a high percentage of clean claims that are paid correctly on first submission.
  • We receive electronic remittance from most payers, payments are line-item posted to patient accounts, and denials are automatically posted and routed to a work queue for appeal and resolution.

Prompt Follow-up.

Our trained followup team works all unpaid, underpaid, and unacknowledged claims through automated work queues for efficient resubmission and adjudication. Patient balances—either from self-pay patients or patient balances after insurance adjudication—move through a statement cycle customized to client specifications that can end with a collection letter and eventual placement with a collection agency. Payment plans and an online patient payment portal also are available to meet the varying financial needs of patients.

Business Intelligence You Can Trust.

Each month, we provide you with an extensive packet of practice management reports allowing you to track key performance indicators of the practice’s productivity, revenue, and more. Plus, we create any customized reports you need to make your best business and practice decisions. If we enter it into our practice management system, we can report on it.

Considering outsourcing your medical billing? Contact CIPROMS today to learn more about how our full-service medical billing can decrease your administrative burden and increase your revenue today.

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