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Experience. Integrity. Advocacy.


Our team supports and enhances your anesthesia or pain management practice by performing every step of the billing process for you—and our HIPAA-compliant off-site backup system gives you the assurance you need. In addition to all of our standard medical billing services, we provide anesthesia-specific services to enhance your billing experience.

Billing You Can Count On.

When you hire CIPROMS to do your medical billing, we use demographic interfaces from hospitals and surgery centers to ensure we have the most accurate patient insurance information available. Our certified coders work off of scanned billing sheets to assign CPT-4, ASA, and ICD-10 codes for the services you perform, and then our efficient data entry teams uploads your charges within a timely manner after we receive them. Participating in the Medicare MIPS program? We make sure those quality codes are included as well, either to send via the claims option or to compile for a registry submission. After all your data is entered, claims are generated and transmitted the next day.

Payers We Work with Every Day.

We work with dozens of commercial and government payers every day, and that experience, along with our claims scrubbing technology with rules specific to anesthesia billing, allows us to submit a high percentage of clean claims that are paid correctly on first submission. When claims aren’t adjudicated correctly, our dedicated account executives provide underpayment monitoring and analysis, particularly for anesthesia conversion rates by payer.

Business Intelligence You Can Trust.

There is a necessity to present meaningful data, reports, and other analytics during meetings with hospital administration, with insurance payers during contract negotiations, and with our own group members for strategic planning. Our partners at CIPROMS can customize and produce valuable reports and metrics that enables us to have significant dialogue with outside parties and assist us with our business operations. Jaemy Hwang, MD, Southeast Anesthesiologists, PC
Each month, we provide you with an extensive packet of practice management reports allowing you to track key performance indicators of your productivity, revenue, and more. Our reports designed specifically for anesthesia practices also help with universal unit payroll processing, anesthesia scheduling, chart reconciliation, OR utilization, and overlapping case tracking. We also are connected with the Anesthesia Quality Institute for data submission for the qualified clinical data registry PRQS reporting option. Plus, we create any customized reports you need to make your best business and practice decisions. If we enter it into our practice management system, we can report on it.

Practice Management Tools You Need.

We also help with fee schedule analysis and offer tools for negotiating payer contracts using data from your own practice to leverage in your talks with insurance company representatives.

Considering outsourcing the medical billing for your anesthesia practice? Contact CIPROMS today to learn more about how our full service medical billing can decrease your administrative burden and increase your revenue today.

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