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Having access to informative, comprehensive, and detailed practice management reports provides your practice with the best information for making the business decisions that will bring you success. Reports covering major key performance indicators (KPIs) allow you to track the performance of your own providers, as well as compare your productivity and profitability to other similar practices.

CIPROMS prepares a complete report packet for our clients at the end of each month covering most industry-recognized KPIs, including

  • aged receivable status,
  • gross and net collection percentages,
  • charges and payments by payer,
  • contractual adjustments,
  • bad debt write-offs,
  • collection recovery percentages,
  • monthly denials,
  • and more.

Specialized reports, like our chart reconciliation report, allow us to cross check and compare billed charges with hospital or office patient logs, and our documentation analysis report gives us the information we need to help clients with clinical documentation improvement, a key function as we move toward ICD-10 implementation in 2015. We also provide reports that assist clients with payroll, scheduling, payer contract negotiations, and other practice management functions.

“There is a necessity to present meaningful data, reports, and other analytics during meetings with hospital administration, with insurance payers during contract negotiations, and with our own group members for strategic planning. Our partners at CIPROMS can customize and produce valuable reports and metrics that enable us to have significant dialogue with outside parties and assist us with our business operations.” Jaemy Hwang, MD, Partner, Southeast Anesthesiologists, PC

Additionally, our robust business intelligence capabilities allow us to create the customized reports, pivot tables, and dashboards you request to help you analyze the data specific to your practice, industry, or locale. Any data we enter into our practice management system is able to be extracted and compiled into information you need in a report format that will be most useful to you and your practice.

Ready to take your medical practice to the next level? Call us today to learn more about our practice management reports and the business analytics we provide that can help you make informed business decisions without compromising your time spent serving patients.

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