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Is your billing software out of date? Are you experiencing too many breakdowns? Do rapidly changing technology standards make you hesitant to invest in a new practice management system? Let us help. CIPROMS offers application service provider (ASP) solutions for hospitals and medical practices who want high quality functionality without the high cost.

Your staff, your processes, your knowledge. Our Software.
Your staff utilize our practice management system through HIPAA-compliant remote connections. You take advantage all of the benefits of our proven system, including features like demographic interfaces, appointment scheduling, layered user access and security, and user-friendly point-and-click data entry and patient inquiry screens.

IT Support You Can Trust.

Plus, we provide the IT support for your work on our system. As part of our full ASP model, CIPROMS will assign a dedicated database for your practice and help you customize the system design according to your own needs. We take care of all updates, upgrades, and formatting of the system, and your entire database is part of our nightly back-up and included in our fully replicated, off-site disaster recovery system.

Training to Help You Succeed.

Once your database is set up to your specifications, CIPROMS staff will train you and your employees to use the practice management system, and then you can begin entering your practice data. CIPROMS takes care of submitting electronic claims, as well as patient statements and collection notification letters according to an automated cycle that you determine.

Business Intelligence That Matters.

Interested in robust practice management reports? We can run our standard package of reports for you on a monthly basis, as well as provide access and training for you and a staff member to customize and build scheduled or ad hoc practice management reports on your own.

As your application service provider, our experienced staff stands ready to help you with system needs you may have, but your business is yours to run as you know best.

Keep up with technology without the investment. Contact CIPROMS about ASP Model solutions today.

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