Experience. Integrity. Advocacy.
Experience. Integrity. Advocacy.

Susan Alley

Susan Alley serves as the Director of Charge Entry and oversees team responsible for the entry of all patient information and uploading of charge files for the Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine clients. Susan has been with CIPROMS since October 1995.

Kimberly Carr

Kimberly Carr serves as the Director of Contact Center Services and manages the team within the Call Center Operations. The team is responsible
for all incoming calls and mail related to patient accounts for CIPROMS’ clients. Kim has been with CIPROMS since April 2015.

Charity Singleton Craig

Charity Singleton Craig is a freelance writer and editor. She provides communications and marketing services for CIPROMS. She is responsible for creating, editing, and managing all content, design, and interaction on the company website and social media channels in order to promote CIPROMS as a thought leader in healthcare billing and management. She also provides internal communication for the CIPROMS team in coordination with the Human Resources and Operations Departments.

Teri Jo Alexander

Teri Jo Alexander, CCS-P, CANPC, serves as the Director of Anesthesia and Ambulance Coding. In her role, she instructs and educates coders on coding issues, coordinates data between providers to coders, performs routine audits, and assists the follow up and billing teams with denials and appeals. Teri Jo has been part of the CIPROMS team since 1999, previously serving as an anesthesia coder and the supervisor of anesthesia charge entry.

Amy Veith

Amy Veith serves as Director of Specialty Medicine Billing, overseeing the speciality medicine billing department, as well as working with specialty medicine clients as a liaison between the billing department and physicians/practice managers. She also monitors medical industry changes that impact clients, reviews charges and payments to ensure maximum revenue, and works with clients utilizing their EMR systems for billing.

Julie Mueller

As Director of Operations, Julie Mueller leverages her many years of experience at CIPROMS by assisting in various operational duties, as well as focusing on claims and statement formatting, new client operational setup, report creation, and more. In earlier years at CIPROMS, Julie served as a medical billing specialist, a team leader, and an account executive.

Mike Dayton

As CIPROMS’ Compliance Officer, Mike Dayton works to ensure that CIPROMS and its clients stay compliant with all state and federal guidelines. Among his many duties, Mike writes and implements compliance policies according to state and federal regulations, writes all Business Associate Agreements, oversees all release of information, and oversees all bankruptcy matters.

Julie Moyer

Vice President of Finance Julie Moyer has served CIPROMS faithfully since she was hired in 1985. She oversees all client invoicing, manages the accounts payable and receivable, and provides costing and budget analysis for overall operations. In addition to her finance position, she also supervises the logistical services department and the CIPROMS coding department.

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