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Physician Income

Provider Relief Fund Changes and Deadlines

For the past two years, healthcare clinicians and facilities have received financial assistance from the federal government to help cover the costs and losses related to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the nation is still under a public health emergency, the relief funding is beginning to dry up, and providers who miss reporting requirements may be forced to return funds or face consequences. Here is an overview of recent Provider Relief Fund program changes and deadlines. READ MORE

Payers, Providers Seek Delay for No Surprises Act Implementation, HHS Offers Some Relief

Both payers and providers are seeking some relief on the quick turn-around of the No Surprises Act, which is supposed to become effective January 1, 2022. And with the recent announcement of delays to certain portions of the Interim Final Rules implementing the surprise billing provisions of the act, it seems like the Biden administration is listening. READ MORE

CMS Releases 2020 MIPS Performance Feedback and Final Scores

CMS recently released MIPS performance feedback and final scores for performance year 2020, along with associated MIPS payment adjustment information for payment year 2022. The performance threshold for the 2020 MIPS performance year was 45 points. That means MIPS eligible clinicians who scored 45 points or more will receive a neutral or positive payment adjustment, and those scoring less than 45 points will receive a negative payment adjustment in the 2022 MIPS payment year. READ MORE

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