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2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule: What Emergency Physicians Need to Know

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently published the final rule of the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2022. In addition to changing the payment rates for 2022, CMS also finalized changes to several payment policies. We’ve highlighted a few of the biggest for emergency physicians below. READ MORE

Robotic Process Automation and Medical Billing

If the phrase “robotic process automation” (or RPA) has you picturing an R2D2-style droid floating around the medical billing office of the future doing filing and data entry, then you’ve got it all wrong. This futuristic-sounding tool can help with medical billing tasks, but its applications are available now and are already working behind the scenes across the medical billing industry. No metallic droids needed. READ MORE

Payers, Providers Seek Delay for No Surprises Act Implementation, HHS Offers Some Relief

Both payers and providers are seeking some relief on the quick turn-around of the No Surprises Act, which is supposed to become effective January 1, 2022. And with the recent announcement of delays to certain portions of the Interim Final Rules implementing the surprise billing provisions of the act, it seems like the Biden administration is listening. READ MORE

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