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Indiana FSSA Suspends EnCred Project Indefinitely

Indiana FSSA Suspends EnCred Project Indefinitely

After more than a year of working on a new provider enrollment and credentialing solution – FSSA EnCred – the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) has now suspended the project indefinitely.

EnCred was conceived as a way to help FSSA meet state requirements for a centralized credentialing process, mandated by House Enrolled Act 1007-2018. Currently, providers enroll with Indiana Medicaid using one process, and then must enroll with each of the managed care entities (MCEs) using a separate credentialing process. The new process was supposed to streamline these processes into one, with a single application to become a Medicaid Provider, along with a single credentialing decision to contract with MCEs.

The design, development, and implementation of the new system had been contracted out to Conduent Business Services LLC. Originally, EnCred was supposed to be operational by October 2018. Later, the timeline was changed to a July 2019 implementation, and in April 2019, FSSA announced a phased-in implementation slated for sometime in fall 2019.

Even as recently as June 12, 2019, FSSA appeared to be moving forward with the project, announcing a new FSSA EnCred web page in an IHCP Update email. The next day at a Summer 2019 IHCP Provider Workshop, FSSA announced that the project would be suspended, and the official announcement was sent out in an IHCP Update email on June 14.

While the agency has not given any indication when the project will resume, it does appear as if EnCred or another centralized credentialing process is still being planned.

“The agency will take time over the next few months to identify next steps and a path forward,” FSSA said in the announcement. “The FSSA remains committed to delivering on the requirements of House Enrolled Act 1007-2018, which mandates a centralized credentialing process. The agency’s work to this point will help us deliver on that commitment and inform the direction we take.”

The EnCred session for the Summer 2019 IHCP Provider Workshops also has been removed from the schedule.

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