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Implementation of Indiana FSSA’s New EnCred Solution Delayed; Now Using Phased Approach

Implementation of Indiana FSSA’s New EnCred Solution Delayed; Now Using Phased Approach

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s (FSSA) new provider enrollment and credentialing solution – FSSA EnCred – will be rolled out in a phased implementation process. Phase one is slated to begin in late summer or early fall 2019. A timeline for additional phases has not been announced.

In January 2019, FSSA announced that a full implementation was scheduled for July 1, 2019. However, after “extensive work and discussion during the design and development stages of the project, including input from providers and other stakeholders,” FSSA opted for the phased approach later in the summer. The 30-day “black-out” period, which will allow FSSA to complete all pending applications before transitioning data to the new solution and was originally scheduled to begin in June, also has been pushed back.

While EnCred is designed to be a single hub for all things related to enrollment and credentialing for Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP), including submitting new applications for enrollment and credentialing, updating Provider Profile information, and revalidating and recredentialing existing enrollments, Phase one of the implementation will focus only on the credentialing solution, including the seamless credentialing for IHCP managed care entities (MCEs).

Throughout Phase One, providers will continue to perform IHCP enrollment functions using the current enrollment processes accessible via the IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal. Those provider types requiring credentialing will be systematically directed to the EnCred credentialing solution to complete their enrollment transactions. As well, enrollment and contracting with the MCE plans will still need to be done individually with the MCEs.

The new requirement for providers to re-attest every 120 days, which was announced during the spring 2019 IHCP provider workshops and was set to begin immediately following the July 1, 2019, roll out, will not be in effect during Phase One. Once EnCred is fully implemented, that requirement will likely be reinstated.

While EnCred will streamline the way IHCP providers are enrolled and credentialed, the new solution does not change provider eligibility requirements for enrolling in IHCP. As well, current policies allowing backdating of the effective date of a provider’s enrollment with IHCP will continue to apply, as will the current practice of prohibiting backdating of the effective date of credentialing.

For more information, send inquiries to Fssa.EnCred@fssa.in.gov or review the following resources:

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