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FSSA Developing Streamlined Enrollment and Credentialing Process for Indiana Medicaid

FSSA Developing Streamlined Enrollment and Credentialing Process for Indiana Medicaid

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) recently contracted with Conduent Business Services LLC to develop, design, and implement an integrated process for enrolling and credentialing providers that participate in the Indiana Healthcare Coverage Programs (IHCP).

Currently, providers enroll with Indiana Medicaid using one process, and then must enroll with each of the managed care entities (MCEs) using a separate credentialing process. The new process – referred to as FSSA EnCred – will streamline these processes into one, with a single application to become a Medicaid Provider, along with a single credentialing decision to contract with MCEs. Both Medicaid and the MCEs also will share an effective enrollment date.

According to a recent IHCP bulletin, “This single, more efficient process would apply at initial enrollment as well as at enrollment revalidation and recredentialing.”

During the development and design phase of the project, Conduent is working with the FSSA, MCEs, and other stakeholders to gather input, and continues to hold regular meetings with stakeholders, providers, and provider associations to discuss operational transition and communication plans, report back on the status of the project, and introduce high-level features of the process itself.

Because CIPROMS offers enrollment and credentialing services for our clients, Denise O’Brien, CIPROMS Director of Provider Enrollment, is actively involved in these FSSA EnCred All Association Meetings.

Providers will access FSSA EnCred with a single sign-on through IHCP’s new information management system called CoreMMIS, or Core Medicaid Management Information System. During the transition, provider information from CAQH and CoreMMIS will be transferred into FSSA EnCred by Conduent. Once live, the new process will be supported with a complete operation facility, which will include a provider call center and helpdesk, accessible by phone, chat, and secured correspondence, a mailroom, and teams dedicated to quality control, onsite visits, and appeals.

Functions not changing as part of the new FSSA EnCred include the MCE contracting process, DXC claims processing, and DXC provider relations outreach/support.

Conduent and Indiana FSSA have indicated that the project should be complete sometime in the fourth quarter of 2018. For more information, review the slides from the Spring and Summer FSSA EnCred All Association Meetings:

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