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ACEPs Qualified Clinical Data Registry Adds New Measures for 2016


The Clinical Emergency Data Registry (CEDR) has added four new PQRS measures and 22 new CEDR-specific measures for individuals and groups using their registry to report in the 2016 Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).

The CEDR is the American College of Emergency Physicians’ qualified clinical data registry (QCDR), which allows providers to participate in the PQRS program but report measures specifically created for the individual QCDR in addition to the published PQRS measures.

Measure Changes

In total, the CEDR now contains 12 PQRS measures and 30 CEDR-specific measures spanning 5 of the 6 National Quality Strategy Domains. The four PQRS measures added to CEDR for 2016 are

  • PQRS #66: Appropriate testing for children with pharyngitis
  • PQRS #116: Antibiotic treatment for adults with acute bronchitis: avoidance of inappropriate use
  • PQRS #415 ED utilization of CT for minor blunt head trauma for patients ages 18+
  • PQRS #416 ED utilization of CT for minor blunt head trauma for patients ages 2-17 years

The 22 CEDR-specific measures added are

  • CEDR #28, #30-33: Septic shock measure bundle
  • CEDR #34: Appropriate Foley catheter use in the ED
  • CEDR #35-50: ED median time from ED arrival to ED departure for discharged patients stratified by pediatrics vs. adults as well as size and type of ED

In addition, eight CEDR-specific measures available for the 2015 reporting year have been removed for 2016. They are

  • CEDR #5: ED LOS for discharged ED patients: overall rate
  • CEDR #6: ED LOS for discharged ED patients: general rate (overall rate minus psych pts & transfer pts)
  • CEDR #7: ED LOS for discharged ED patients: psych mental health patients
  • CEDR #8: ED LOS for discharged ED patients: transfer patients
  • CEDR #9: Door to diagnostic evaluation by a qualified medical personnel
  • CEDR #12: Three day return rate for ED visits
  • CEDR #13: Three day return rate for UC visits
  • CEDR #16: Adult sinusitis: antibiotic prescribed for acute sinusitis
  • CEDR #17: Adult sinusitis: appropriate choice of antibiotic
  • CEDR #18: Avoidance of antibiotic treatment in adults with acute bronchitis

Reporting Requirements for the CEDR

The 2016 Reporting Requirements for QCDR are as follows:

  • Report at least nine (9) measures covering at least three (3) National Quality Strategy (NQS) domains,
  • Report each measure for at least 50 percent of the EP’s patients (Medicare and non-Medicare).
  • Of these measures, 2 out of 9 must be outcomes measures.

Emergency physicians who wish to participate in the QCDR option as a group must self nominate by June 30, 2016. Groups of 100 or more eligible professionals utilizing any of the GPRO reporting options, including QCDR, must have all CAHPS for PQRS survey measures reported on their behalf via a CMS-certified survey vendor. CAHPS for PQRS is optional for groups of 2-99 eligible professionals.

Individuals or groups who would like to participate in 2016 PQRS through the CEDR can find out more by visiting the CEDR website and clicking on the participate tab.

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