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Fixing AutoCorrect in Microsoft Word to Leave “EHR” Alone

If you are part of the healthcare community and a user of Microsoft Word, you have probably encountered the frustrating problem of AutoCorrect changing EHR to HER every time you type a sentence about your electronic health record.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix this and other words and acronyms in AutoCorrect that aren’t actually wrong. You can also add words that are specific to your business or specialty that you frequently mistype.

First, access your Word Options. In Microsoft 2010, you can find them under Info in the File tab on the Ribbon at the top of your screen.


In the Word Options dialogue box, select Proofing, then click on the AutoCorrect Options button.


In the AutoCorrect dialogue box, you can make various adjustments to how AutoCorrect works for you. Particularly, at the bottom of the dialogue box is the list of misspelled words that AutoCorrect automatically changes. To keep AutoCorrect from changing EHR to HER, scroll down to the row for “ehr,” select the row, and select the Delete button. To add new replacements for AutoCorrect, type in the options in the “Replace” and “With” text fields, and select the Replace button.


Problem solved! Now, if it were just that easy to fix problems in your EHR itself!

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Charity Singleton Craig

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