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A Vision beyond the ICD-10 Implementation Plan

One of my favorite quotes comes from Lee Iacocca, “We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.” What a great working definition of ICD-10 implementation. This quote is a reminder that most opportunities worth having in life have been challenging and difficult. While we are in the middle of this opportunity, it is imperative that we create and communicate a “vision” beyond the implementation of ICD-10 for the future of healthcare.

In other words, what does the bigger picture look like? We are just beginning to realize that though the catalyst for change is the ICD-10 transition, it is only a means to an end. We would certainly be placing far too much importance on ICD-10 if we believe that it will be the solution to all the problems in healthcare. Rather, ICD-10 is one catalyst for the solutions we have yet to find for the future of healthcare.

The purpose of a “vision” is that it goes beyond what we have yet seen, but drives us towards what we want to see and hope to be.

I remember my teachers telling me that, “you may not like trigonometry but it is required for you to graduate college and get where you really want to go in life.” We all have to apply ourselves equally to those things that we may not see as necessary now but in retrospect will see that they have prepared us for greater things.

Our vision is being realized even when we don’t see it or feel it. We are bound to become inspired and motivated as we journey through this transition, and the possibilities are endless if we commit to working together.

So ICD-10 is our “great opportunity brilliantly disguised as an insoluble problem.” As we apply ourselves passionately and painstakingly to this project to implement a new code set, we are ultimately being prepared for even greater things! We can’t afford to be short-sighted and limited by the difficulties that we see and hear about with ICD-10 implementation, but instead, we must be inspired to turn those into great opportunities.

Remember that it is important that we communicate often and with patience and tolerance throughout the transition. We need to have respect for one another and lift each other up. Our success is in direct proportion to what we invest. So invest generously of yourself and your time. The breakthrough we need will be realized with a positive and willing attitude.

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— Compiled by former CIPROMS ICD-10 Coordinator, Angela Hickman, CPC, CEDC, AHIMA-Approved ICD-10 CM/PCS Trainer, AHIMA Ambassador. All rights reserved. For use or reprint in your blog, website, or publication, please contact us at cipromsmarketing@ciproms.com.


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