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Indiana Medicaid Now Fully Enrolling All PAs, Reimbursing at 75%

According to recently clarified guidelines by Indiana Medicaid, all physician assistants must now enroll as Indiana Health Coverage Providers and can no longer be billed under a supervising physician’s NPI. This change, which brings billing for PAs into alignment with billing for other Mid-Level, or Non-Physician Providers, also reduces reimbursement for PA services to 75 percent of the Medicaid allowed amount. READ MORE

IHCP Says Medicaid Provider Enrollment Is Back On Track: Here’s What You Should Know

In July 2017, the Indiana Health Coverage Programs announced a delay in provider enrollment for its various Indiana Medicaid programs. On October 10, IHCP reported that they have reduced the backlog and currently are processing normal levels of enrollment “inventory.” As IHCP gets back on track, here are a few tips from CIPROMS Director of Provider Enrollment Denise O’Brien for staying ahead of the game in enrolling providers in Indiana Medicaid. READ MORE

IHCP’s CoreMMIS and Provider Portal Implementation Update

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs is in the second week of implementing their new CoreMMIS and Provider Healthcare Portal. While there have been several performance problems during the implementation, the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are reporting progress in stabilizing the new system and are working to resolve outstanding issues as quickly as possible. READ MORE

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