Experience. Integrity. Advocacy.
Experience. Integrity. Advocacy.

  • Feel like your time is divided between treating patients and running a business?

    CIPROMS partners with physicians to provide customized medical billing. The CIPROMS advantage includes personalized service, timely and reliable information, with transparent and trusted accountability.

    We are here to do our job so you can focus on yours.


  • Billing

    Medical Billing

    Optimize your revenue with medical billing services tailored to meet your practice’s needs.


  • ASP Models

    ASP Solutions

    CIPROMS offers high quality functionality without the high cost through our ASP solutions.


  • Enrollment

    Provider Enrollment

    CIPROMS specializes in coordinating provider credentials to ensure quick and complete enrollment.


  • Coding

    Medical Coding

    CIPROMS offers coding services as part of our full-service medical billing or as a stand-alone option.



  • Recent Blog Posts

    What We Can Learn from the WPS Review of 99285 Claims

    Back in July, Medicare Administrative Contractor WPS-GHA randomly selected 100 Indiana and Michigan claims which contained CPT code 99285 for prepayment review. Shockingly, of these 100 services, only three (3.06 percent) were allowed as billed, and the remaining 97 (96.94 percent) were denied. What can we learn from these results? Read more

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